Kent Jolly - Audio Director at Electronic Arts

Kadet did a great job for us on SimCity. She was responsible for putting together all the voice, including casting, direction and editing. When she wasn't doing that she was providing great sound design both for the game and marketing videos. Kadet is very organized, fun to work with and thoughtful. I hope we can hire her again!

Michael Christian - Creative Lead at Google and Microsoft

I loved working with Kadet, she's creative, engaged and thorough and most importantly of all she's easy to work with, if you get the opportunity to work with her take won't be sorry.

Elise Baldwin - Audio Director at Electronic Arts

I've worked with Kadet on many projects for many companies over the past 17 years. Most recently, she contracted with my team to complete the Sims Medieval Expansion Pack 1: Pirates and Nobles. She did a variety of sound design work ranging from period ambiences to fantastical creatures, involving highly nuanced foley work and material recordings. My experience working with her has taught me to expect a great ear, a very high level of detail and exceptional motivation to create the right mood/feeling, but on this project I was especially impressed. A very talented sound designer, great team member and communicator.

Matty Murakami - Senior Artist at Electronic Arts and Google

Kadet is a brilliant sound designer and artist with a passion and commitment to her craft that really shows in her work. She is creative, driven, and goes above and beyond what is expected of her to deliver quality content. And, just as important, she is a very cool person in and out of the office and really a pleasure to work with.

Sam Green - Academy Award Winning Documentary Film Director

I've worked with Kadet Kuhne on several documentary projects, including my short film Utopia Part 3: the World's Largest Shopping Mall, and can't recommend her highly enough. Kadet is a huge pleasure to work with - she's meticulous, extremely creative, and just an all-around super-pro. Utopia Part 3 premiered at Sundance and later screened on POV, and every time I hear the mix I'm knocked out by the artistry of Kadet's work. I feel strongly that a big part of the film's success was due to Kadet and her contribution to the project. Again, I highly, highly recommend her.

Heather Cassils - Performance and Video Artist

It can be difficult to find someone who can translate an artist's abstract idea about sound into a living, breathing score. Kadet Kuhne has been indispensable to my artistic practice in this way.  A true pleasure to work with,  Kadet has the unique balance of astute professionalism, well honed technical abilities alongside strong conceptual and formal skills. Her work is of high quality while possessing rigor and thoughtfulness. I also appreciate that she is timely, always makes deadlines and is an excellent communicator as well. I recommend her services highly!

Sophie Constantinou - Director, Founder of Citizen Film, Inc.

I've had the pleasure of working with Kadet for over 20 years on a full range of projects.  What is outstanding about Kadet is that keen appreciation of sound, be it an intuition for the right kind of music for a scene, the level of sound design needed to bring nuance to a story or the sweetening of a mix so that every element is just right.  As an independent filmmaker my demands are for excellence on a shoe string; Kadet brings professionalism and rigor into every project regardless of size or length.

Billy Saleebey - Film Director

Kadet did sound supervision of my feature film Rolling. She did an outstanding job and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her creativity and solid background in all aspects of sound make her a true asset to any project. I highly recommend her for your sound design/supervision needs.

David Zvi Levine - Director, Producer, Editor

Kadet and I had a chance to work together on many SIMCITY marketing projects while at Maxis. Her attention to detail, creativity, and motivation were always in sync with the my needs, regardless of any crazy timelines we'd be up against. As an added bonus, she's got a great personality and is super easy to work with. I definitely look forward to working with Kadet again and am happy to recommended her to you without hesitation.

Brenda Laurel - Research Associate in D.A.N.M. at UC Santa Cruz

Kadet's incredible talents in sound design played a key role in the success of Purple Moon products. Besides her gifts in composition and production, Kadet has a strong work ethic and very good collaborative skills, as well as great experience in interactive media.

Elise Hurwitz - Senior Engineering Program Manager at Savant Systems

I have known Kadet for more than ten years and have followed her professional and personal work over that time. Kadet puts the same care into her work for hire that she does for her own projects. I welcome any future opportunity to work together!