Kadet Kuhne is a digital media specialist with two decades of experience creating sound design and music for film, television, video games, apps, interactive installations, live performance and products.    Kadet works with clients such as Electronic Arts, Google, Disney, Konami, Leap Frog, Fisher-Price and Mattel, designs sound for award-winning independent films that have screened at festivals such as Sundance, Cannes and Toronto, and creates soundtracks for commercial clients such as by Adidas, Toyota, Vail, CNN and Volkswagen. She recently worked on the latest release of SimCity, and continues manifesting her specialty in interactive sound design on mobile and iPad apps. In addition to jobs in the studio, Kadet works as an adjunct professor with a focus on interactive installations, emerging technologies and post-production audio. Her longstanding engagement with media is expressed in original sound and video works that are screened and exhibited at select venues such as the Museum of Art Lucerne, LACMA, de Young Museum and the Antimatter Film Festival. Kadet has been curating media art since 1997 for notable festivals and events, and recently joined the Board of Directors at Cinematheque, one of the most respected showcases of experimental film in the world. Kadet’s main interest in her free time is hiking the vast array of trails on the West Coast with family and friends, with a microphone always handy.

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