Main Services

Sound Supervision - complete sound supervision through all stages of production to the final mix.

Sound Design - custom recorded and industry standard SFX libraries layered for depth and originality.

Dialogue Editing - seamless, clear dialogue from every angle to every shot.

Music Composition - Every genre of music, specializing  in ambient scores.

Music Mastering - Music editing, equalizing and mastering for all genres and instrumentation.

Final Mix - the final convergence of all the elements with state-of-the-art mastering tools.


Recording - crisp and clean audio recording for voiceovers, ADR, foley and sound effects.

Licensed Music - original tracks are available for licensing or customization.

Licensed Music - original tracks are available for licensing or customization.

Education - tutoring sessions in Pro Tools HD, plus instruction on navigating a host of processing plug-ins.


Virtual Reality, Games, User Interface, Interactivity, Documentary, Commercials, Immersive Sound Design, Ambiences, Re-Recording Mixing.

Using sound to accentuate the mood, meaning and message of a character, product or scene in a subtle or earth shattering way!