The past 6 months have been filled with incredibly moving and engaging videos, installations, and music scores. The greatest pleasure of working independently is being able to accept projects with a wide range of content that I deeply believe in, that are aimed at creating positive change in the world. A few clients I've recently worked for are MAC AIDS Fund, Rainforest Action Network, Citizen Film, Ecodeo, and Al'Myra Communications, and I've had the honor of working for a talented pool of artists and filmmakers such as Silas Howard, Cassils, and Lark Buckingham. I hope you enjoy the links below, and take a moment to dig into the messages these admirably bold media projects have captured. Audible Shift did the sound design and mixing on all of these projects, plus the music composing and video editing for Nucleus, and the music producing for the two videos by Ecodeo.


MORE THAN T - Directed by Silas Howard, produced by MAC AIDS Fund

The M·A·C AIDS Fund is a passionate advocate of equal rights, as well as combatting stigma and HIV/AIDS among the transgender community, and is proud to have produced the new film More Than T, directed by Silas Howard (Transparent, By Hook or By Crook, The Fosters) alongside writer Jen Richards, co-writer/star/producer of the show Her Story, which was recently nominated for an Emmy. The film follows the lives of six transgender individuals and the unique experiences that challenge and enrich their lives and gender identity, told through the lens of Silas and Jen, both of whom are revered members of the trans community.

TATTLE TALE HEART - Directed by Lark Buckingham

Tattle-Tale Heart is a queer fictional short film about authenticity, privacy and connection in social media, all seen through the lens of the human heart. A dystopian portrait of blurring boundaries between body and machine, it's based on an app that reads heart rate through your web cam, calculates your *true* mood, and posts it directly to your feed.

THE HUMAN COST OF CONFLICT PALM OIL - Produced by Ecodeo for Rainforest Action Network

20 YEARS OF DEFENDING THE AMAZON - Produced by Ecodeo for Amazon Watch


Documentation of a powerful performance in which Cassils collaborates with fight choreographer Mark Steger to stage a brutal two-person fight. Illuminated by car headlights in the depths of a parking garage, Cassils is the sole figure, sparring with an invisible force. The stereos of the surrounding cars broadcast a multi-channel score of static noise and radio samples designed by Kadet Kuhne. By amplifying the sociopolitical conflicts at each performance location with sound, The Powers That Be explores the radical unrepresentability of certain forms of trauma and violence.  Here the radio signal is a transmission of site-specific issues, both proximate and distant. Designed to be viewed and recorded on mobile phones, The Powers That Be further addresses the mediation of violence by calling into question the roles of witness and aggressor on the part of the spectator.

NUCLEUS - directed by Nathalie Brilliant and Al'Myra Communications

Nucleus was created for a project My Home My Mission which explores the meaning of 'home' related to the surging evictions in San Francisco, and the traumatizing psychological impact on those displaced.