Hajwalah at Dubai Int'l Film Festival

Audible Shift did the sound editing and mix on Hajwalah, an award-winning documentary that recently screened at that Dubai International Festival. Rana Jarbou's documentary on Joyriding in Riyadh reveals nuances of Saudi society, and the greater social, economic, spatial implications surrounding it. 

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"One of the most pivotal moments in the twenty-minute film is when Jarbou asks Rakan, through her cameraman of course, about the (lack of) public space in Riyadh, and how this restricts people’s access to the city and to one another. The question hangs in the air, setting the subtext for the film. Rakan responds that social media fills this void, providing the closest thing young Saudis have to a public marketplace for the free expression of ideas and opinions. Indeed, Saudi Arabia has the most Twitter users of any country in the world, as well as the highest per capita consumption of YouTube videos.

YouTube’s popularity has made it a primary medium for joyriders to promote themselves, with hundreds of thousands of devoted fans and viewers subscribing to channels like Rakan’s to watch adrenaline-packed videos of screeching tires and spinning cars set against a desert landscape. These videos actually served as inspiration for a music video by British recording artist M.I.A for her song “Bad Girls,”  which features a gender role reversal with female joyriders and male spectators cheering from the sidelines." - Sarah Moawad